New Deals - 17 Aug 2023

by SMB Deal Hunter

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Hello SMB Deal Hunters!

I’m excited to share 5 new deals worth checking out.

Today’s issue is sponsored by Appletree, a premier partner for bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services catering to small businesses nationwide.

1/ Specialty B2B Service Provider of Security Systems

📍 Location: Colorado
💰 Asking Price: N/A
💼 Cash Flow: $633,235
📊 Revenue: $3,539,571
📅 Established: 1978

💭 My 2 Cents: I like that this business serves a diverse mix of business sectors and has $3.8 million of signed contracts in the pipeline already! They specialize in security, fire, and communication systems. Security system providers generally have strong recurring revenue from monitoring services, and I like that the B2B focus means sticky customers (high switching costs). There’s also a growing demand for security systems from increasing concerns about safety and security, and many industries are under mandates to maintain certain security standards. I’d want to understand what % of their revenue comes from one-time services (i.e. installations) vs recurring services (i.e. monitoring). Since the business works with some large customers (i.e. municipalities and governments), I’d also want to make sure there isn’t a customer concentration problem, as losing one of those clients could severely impact profitability.

2/ Pet Care and Boarding Business

📍 Location: Colorado
💰 Asking Price: N/A
💼 Cash Flow: $601,085
📊 Revenue: $1,128,605
📅 Established: 25 years ago

💭 My 2 Cents: What the bark, the margins on this pet care and boarding business are over 50% (!). They provide doggy day care, overnight boarding, group hikes (I wish I were a dog now), a mobile pick-up and drop-off service, and in-home care for both dogs and cats. The business runs entirely on word of mouth and the current owners say they’re generating more business than they can currently handle. I like that there’s already a team of 6 employees. IMO there are 3 interesting growth opportunities here: 1) Grow the team to fully capture existing organic demand, 2) Run paid marketing, 3) Add additional services such as grooming and training. Of course, there’s always the opportunity to open additional locations as well.

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3/ Custom Built Refrigerated Display Cases eCommerce Brand with 80% Repeat Orders

📍 Location: Tampa, FL
💰 Asking Price: $2,000,000
💼 Cash Flow: $592,257
📊 Revenue: $1,494,987
📅 Established: 2004

💭 My 2 Cents: I love coming across B2B e-Commerce businesses because usually the customers are stickier. This one sells custom-built refrigerated display cases for the sushi industry. 100% of its sales are organic (which is a big reason why their margins are stellar), and the company has a stunning 80% repeat purchase rate from its restaurant clients. The AOV is $4000, which means there is definitely an opportunity to start up paid advertising and hire more sales people. I also like that the business comes with a team of 7 staff members spanning sales to production.

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4/ Profitable and Established Home Health Care

📍 Location: New Mexico
💰 Asking Price: $5,400,587
💼 Cash Flow: $1,404,630
📊 Revenue: $7,384,394
📅 Established: 2004

💭 My 2 Cents: You already know I’m bullish on the in-home care industry based on how many of these deals I have featured in recent weeks. In-home care is the future because it’s more personalized to the individual’s needs, doesn’t require seniors to move into assisted living, and it’s lower cost to the government as the population ages. I like that this particular business has so much demand that they actually have a waiting list! They have a team of 105 employees and have been around for nearly 20 years. The size of this business makes it potentially a good platform deal for a roll-up!

5/ Well Established Commercial Freight Brokerage

📍 Location: South Carolina (Relocatable)
💰 Asking Price: $4,250,000
💼 Cash Flow: $1,190,925
📊 Revenue: $7,141,509
📅 Established: 1979

💭 My 2 Cents: Commercial freight brokerages are the intermediary between shippers who have goods to transport and carriers who can move those goods. Not only do brokers help simplify the process for shippers, they can often provide more competitive rates by consolidating loads or optimizing routes. Carriers can also use brokers to find consistent and profitable loads. What’s particularly interesting to me is that the U.S. carrier network is highly fragmented — in fact, 99% of carriers operate with less than 100 trucks. Small carriers often don’t have the time or desire to manage biz-dev or customer relationships, turning to brokers to source customers on their behalf. I like that this business has been around for over 40 years, which means it has probably developed strong relationships and has a good reputation.

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