New Deals - 16 May 2023

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Hello SMB Deal Hunters!

Here are 5 new deals (or 10 if you’re a premium subscriber) for you that are worth checking out.

1/ Printing (Off-Set, Digital & Wide Format) and Direct Mail Company

📍 Location: Portland, OR (Multnomah County)
💰 Asking Price: $1,750,000
💼 Cash Flow: $607,000
📊 Gross Revenue: $4,000,000
📅 Established: 1997

💭 My 2 Cents: As ad costs rise on digital platforms, companies are increasingly turning back to offline marketing channels like direct mail (a complete 180, I know!). The reality is direct mail has worked for decades and continues to work, and I’ve seen several companies get creative with tracking and analytics as well as offering shared mail options to reduce costs for advertisers.

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2/ Profitable Athletic Field Maintenance and Specialty Lawn Company

📍 Location: Hudson River Valley, New York
💰 Asking Price: $1,250,000
💼 Cash Flow: $408,731
📊 Gross Revenue: $1,004,217
📅 Established: 1999

💭 My 2 Cents: Maintaining sports fields and athletic centers is a highly recurring business model, with 80% of the revenue in this case coming from loyal recurring customers. This speaks volumes about the business's strong reputation, which has been built over the course of 20 years serving regional educational institutions, sports clubs, colleges, universities, and municipalities. With impressive EBITDA margins and a long track record, it will be an interesting play to continue expansion along the East Coast.

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3/ Prominent Multi-Location Dental Group Showcasing Impressive Growth

📍 Location: Pennsylvania
💰 Asking Price: $6,374,800
💼 SDE: $1,416,622
📊 Gross Revenue: $5,800,952

💭 My 2 Cents: What’s interesting about this business is it only operates in locations where 80% or more of patients are covered by government-sponsored insurance plans, which minimizes out-of-pocket costs and makes this business highly recession-resistant. I also like that the owner is looking to retain a minority interest and continue operating in the business.

4/ Established Roofing Company

📍 Location: Broward County, FL
💰 Asking Price: $40,000,000
💼 Cash Flow: $13,168,172
📊 Gross Revenue: $44,664,953
📅 Established Year: 1986

💭 My 2 Cents: This is a rare opportunity to acquire a turnkey roofing company with lots of cash flow at a fair multiple. Roofing businesses can have strong recurring revenues from maintenance, and I’ll be curious about what % of revenue comes from repeat business as well as what their current contracts look like. If you’re interested in pursuing this deal and need intros to lenders with dry powder, let me know.

5/ Medical Courier and Delivery Business

📍 Location: Miami, FL
💰 Asking Price: $2,500,000
💼 Cash Flow: $734,588
📊 Revenue: $1,952,591
📅 Established Year: 1994

💭 My 2 Cents: This business helps 200 large clients, including hospitals and medical clinics, deliver important material in the South Florida area. What’s interesting is the niche has allowed the business to maintain a very high profit margin compared to traditional courier businesses. I would dig into what types of contracts they have in place with the hospitals/medical clinics.

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